World Bike Girl – Adventures for 2017!

Happy New Year!


Are there any mini adventures you would like to try this year?

Perhaps you’d like to cycle or walk to a river with your parents and camp nearby overnight?

Is there a new sport you would like to try or maybe get better at one you already do?

Perhaps yo want to go for 100% attendance at school this year?

Or improve your grades?

This year I’m going to …

My Adventures for 2017


Cycle solo 4,500 km across Brazil to reach the Amazon Jungle

Catch boats along Amazon River with my bicycle from Brazil to Colombia

Cycle solo across Colombia

I am home in Scotland just now having a break.

When I am cycling the world I miss my friends and family so it’s great to see them again.

I am also writing a book about the adventures of cycling the world.

Once the book is completed I will return to Brazil with my bicycle and tent.  Continue reading →

Highlights of Cycling South America; 2016

I’ve just finished cycling across Brazil! Over the last 11 months I’ve cycled through Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Pedaling over 9000 km and trekked 300 km! That makes 16 countries I’ve traveled on my bicycle in 2 years! I began cycling South America in Ushuaia, Argentina. It’s the most southerly town in the world […] Continue reading →

Inspiring Firefighters Saving Dogs!

Meet the firefighters in a town called Bertioga in Brazil. They are an example of human kindness and show we can all make a positive contribution to the world around us. Not only do these brave men and women risk their lives daily to save humans they also rescue dogs that have no home. The […] Continue reading →

Books and Bolivia

Bolivia has been an extraordinary adventure both on and off the bike. Cycling over mountains can be tiring and I at the end of a days adventure I love to read books in my tent before I fall asleep.  Paper books are my favorite but they are too big and heavy to carry on my […] Continue reading →

6) Arriving to Ushuaia Airport

After sixty four hours of travel my plane begins it’s descent to reach the most southernly town in the world, Ushuaia.  It’s impossible to open my eyes wide enough to take in the incredible uninterrupted snow capped peaks that make up the worlds longest mountain range, the Andes.  Stretching 7,242 km, this mass of mountains seems […] Continue reading →

5) South America

Hi World Bike Kids! South America is the continent I flew to.  Did you guess right in the previous blog post? Look for South America on your map.  How many countries are in South America? I flew into a town called Ushuaia at the very bottom of Argentina.  This town is also called ‘The End […] Continue reading →

4) Continents of the World

Hi World Bike Kids! Let’s learn about continents. Have you got your map ready? In the last blog post you found the 10 countries I have already cycled through. After Turkey I got on an aeroplane and flew to a whole new continent! There are seven continents of the world.  Can you identify these on your map? […] Continue reading →

3) The Countries I’ve Cycled Since 2014

Hi World Bike Kids! Hopefully you’ll have a map of the world to look at for this blog post. I began cycling around the world in 2014 and have already cycled through 10 countries. These countries are listed below: France Switzerland Italy Slovenia Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina Montenegro Albania Greece Turkey Can you find these […] Continue reading →

2) The Bicycle

This is the bicycle I am cycling the world on!  It’s made by a British bike designer called Simon Stanforth and it’s name is The Kibo.  The frame is made of steel.  Steel is very strong and can be repaired easily. You can see my bike has bags on it.  These special waterproof bags are […] Continue reading →