About Me


I’m Ishbel and I’m a Scottish girl cycling around the world on my own.

I’ve been cycling since 2014 and I’ve pedalled 11 countries so far.


My love of cycling began when I was a little girl and I would ride my bicycle outside my home pretending it was a horse.  I still have names for my bicycles.  This is Kibo …


I also loved to camp in my back garden and even made camps in my bedroom using blankets draped over chairs!  Now I’m camping all over the world!


As an adult I began racing bicycles for fun and then it became my job.

I stopped racing bicycles and began cycling around the world.


There are racing bike clubs for children in almost every town of Britain; so you don’t even have to wait until you’re grown up to race bicycles.

You can find out all about learning to race here.

Learn to Race



Cycling to a destination is much more exciting than sitting on a bus or train.  It’s an adventure!  A challenge!  You have freedom!  The wind in your air!

Ishbel Kibo

Some people choose to cycle around the world as fast as they can like Mark Beaumont from Scotland.  He  even set a world record!  Check him out here:

Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont celebrates after his finishing his Cycling the Americas adventure in Argentina (BBC)

Mark Beaumont celebrates after his finishing his Cycling the Americas adventure in Argentina (BBC)

I prefer to travel slowly and spend time experiencing the world’s cultures and landscapes. I want to know what it’s like to live in different countries.

Perhaps I’ll choose one to live in once I’ve finally cycled the world!


I love nature and when I reach an area of outstanding natural beauty I like to ditch the bicycle and go trekking.  Sometimes I can walk for ten days before getting back to my bicycle.  One time I walked so long my boots feel apart!  But I had walked 100 miles!

Here’s some treks in Scotland that are cool to do:

Treks in Scotland

ishbel sheep

You don’t need to be brave to be an adventurer.  I still scream at slugs and spiders and everything else creepy crawly and look at the amazing adventure I’m having!


I hope you enjoy World Bike Kids and are inspired to go out and have your own mni adventures!  If you do, please write and share your story with World Bike Kids!

Ishbel xxx

World Bike Girl