World Bike Girl – Adventures for 2017!

Happy New Year!


Are there any mini adventures you would like to try this year?

Perhaps you’d like to cycle or walk to a river with your parents and camp nearby overnight?

Is there a new sport you would like to try or maybe get better at one you already do?

Perhaps yo want to go for 100% attendance at school this year?

Or improve your grades?

This year I’m going to …

My Adventures for 2017


Cycle solo 4,500 km across Brazil to reach the Amazon Jungle

Catch boats along Amazon River with my bicycle from Brazil to Colombia

Cycle solo across Colombia

I am home in Scotland just now having a break.

When I am cycling the world I miss my friends and family so it’s great to see them again.

I am also writing a book about the adventures of cycling the world.

Once the book is completed I will return to Brazil with my bicycle and tent. 

On your Map:

  • Locate South America.  Now find the country of Brazil.  On the coast of Brazil you will find the city of Rio de Janeiro.  That’s where I’ll fly back to and that’s where I will begin cycling.  I need to cycle over Brazil to reach the Amazon River.
  • Can you find the Amazon Jungle in Brazil?  Here you see a big river.  It’s called the Amazon river and is 6,992 km (4,345 miles) long.  The United Kingdom is 1,406 km (874 miles) long so this shows you how big the Amazon river is!
  • If you follow this river on your map you will see that there is a point it crosses all three countries of Colombia, Peru and Brazil.  I will leave the river at this point and begin cycling across Colombia.

I’m excited to get boats along the Amazon River and hopefully I’ll see pink dolphins!


I’m scared (at the thought) of all the insects in the jungle!  I will scream at spiders for sure!  Google search Anaconda snake – I don’t want to see one of those!

When I was at school I loved finishing my homework and going out to play on my bicycle.  I used to pretend my bicycle was a horse!  I never imagined back then I would take my bicycle and ride it around the world!

Have a great year everyone!

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2 thoughts on “World Bike Girl – Adventures for 2017!

  1. Sharon Holland says:

    Brilliant I am so proud of you. You are a total inspiration to me helped me in ways you don’t even know ❤️ you xx

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