Books and Bolivia

Photo of me cycling in Bolivia.

Photo of me cycling in the Altiplano in Bolivia with a mountain behind me

Bolivia has been an extraordinary adventure both on and off the bike.

Cycling over mountains can be tiring and I at the end of a days adventure I love to read books in my tent before I fall asleep.  Paper books are my favorite but they are too big and heavy to carry on my bicycle so I have to use a kindle instead.



Sometimes the landscapes were so extraordinary and different from back home it seemed I was cycling on another planet.
I became a stronger person after surviving the challenge of 11 days with no money.  It was fun solving this problem by making bracelets and swapping them for food.



I made many friends along the way and I fell in love with Bolivia’s indigenous people.



I’m so thankful I read lots of books as a child because now I’m writing my very own adventure book about Bolivia!


Ishbel, World Bike Girl

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4 thoughts on “Books and Bolivia

  1. Just called you Isabelle!!! Sorry Ishbel!!

    • Ha ha ha sometimes when people just cannot understand what my name is in South America I tell them it’s Isabella so you are not far off! ha ha ha x

  2. Kristina Williams says:

    What is the name of the trail you are on in the pictures? Beautiful mountains!

    • Hi! It’s the Altiplano just after reaching Bolivia from San Pedro de Attacama in Chile. The colours were surreal there! x

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