Inspiring Firefighters Saving Dogs!


Meet the firefighters in a town called Bertioga in Brazil.

They are an example of human kindness and show we can all make a positive contribution to the world around us.

Not only do these brave men and women risk their lives daily to save humans they also rescue dogs that have no home.


The firefighters told me the story of when they found an old blind dog wandering the streets.

They couldn’t find his family so they adopted the blind dog and called him Cyclops.

Three years later an old man was walking past the fire station and saw the dog.

He began shouting the name ‘Madruga’ and the blind dog ran excitedly for the man.

The man was the dogs owner and had been so upset when he lost his dog.

Finally they were re-united.

Below is Foceta, another dog who had no family and was living on the streets until the firefighters rescued him and he became a much loved member of their family.


Below is Firefighter L. D. Santos and Firefighter Dog Foceta sitting to attention!


Firefighter Santos plays with Firefighter Dog Foceta.



Myself and Firefighter Dog Foceta.


Firefighter Deziderio, Firefighter Santos and me!


Even though I was thousands of miles away from home these firefighters treated me like one of their own family and I’m so thankful.


Names left to right – Lopes, Alves, Moya, Jose Carlos, Santos, Marcela, Griebler and Deziderio with Firefighter Dog Foceta.

What an inspiration they are to the world!

Ishbel, World Bike Girl

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Firefighters Saving Dogs!

  1. Mandy Elizabeth says:

    Amazing people! If only there were more like them xx

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