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Highlights of Cycling South America; 2016


I’ve just finished cycling across Brazil!

Over the last 11 months I’ve cycled through Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.

Pedaling over 9000 km and trekked 300 km!

That makes 16 countries I’ve traveled on my bicycle in 2 years!


I began cycling South America in Ushuaia, Argentina.

It’s the most southerly town in the world and is known as the’ End of the World’.

I cycled across the Tierra de Fuego island, meaning Land of Fire.  It was cold and windy.  Then I got  little boat to Chile.


I cycled past King Penguins and I really wanted to be in their gang!


I reached Puerto Natales, a town in Southern Chile and I trekked 100 miles of the Torres del Paine National Park.

The photo below shows me watching the first sunrise of 2016 sitting on a boulder under the 2000 metre high ‘Torres Towers’.


Next I cycled to the Los Glaciers National Park in Argentina and checked out some of the largest glaciers in the world!


I pedalled to El Chalten, Argentina and went trekking with Lucinda.  She is from Argentina and was cycling in the opposite direction.  On Easter Sunday we ate chocolate in our tents then went walking on a glacier!


In the desert town of Antofagasta, northern Chile I spent 1 month volunteering at a street dog adoption centre.

I assisted the vets in surgery, walked the dogs and played with the puppies.

It was an amazing experience!


Antofagasta receives only 1.7 mm of rain a year but because it lies on the coast you can watch seals and pelicans.



I appeared on a television show in Chile and spoke about the importance of being nice to animals.


I cycled 5000 metres above sea level.  The highest I had ever been!

I camped at – 20 degrees Celsius!  This was the coldest place I had ever been!


It was so cold one morning I woke up in my tent and a sheet of ice curved over my head.


Sometimes when it was too difficult to cycle I got off and pushed my bike.



When I reached Brazil I had to cycle through the Pantanal jungle!

I swam with alligators and piranhas and saw lots of parrots.

These are the blue macaw parrots.



And now I’ve reached the coast of Brazil.

A new adventure, a new environment to be explored and fun to be had learning to surf!

This is so much more than just a cycle around the world.

Ishbel WBG xxx

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