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6) Arriving to Ushuaia Airport

Photo from plane

After sixty four hours of travel my plane begins it’s descent to reach the most southernly town in the world, Ushuaia.  It’s impossible to open my eyes wide enough to take in the incredible uninterrupted snow capped peaks that make up the worlds longest mountain range, the Andes.  Stretching 7,242 km, this mass of mountains seems stuck in an ice age more suited for giant dinosaurs than a Scottish girl and her bicycle.  I gulp hard knowing I will pedal through such difficult terrain.
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5) South America

Hi World Bike Kids! South America is the continent I flew to.  Did you guess right in the previous blog post? Look for South America on your map.  How many countries are in South America? I flew into a town called Ushuaia at the very bottom of Argentina.  This town is also called ‘The End […] Continue reading →