2) The Bicycle


This is the bicycle I am cycling the world on!  It’s made by a British bike designer called Simon Stanforth and it’s name is The Kibo.  The frame is made of steel.  Steel is very strong and can be repaired easily.


You can see my bike has bags on it.  These special waterproof bags are called Pannier Bags and are filed with necessary equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, cooking stove, food and other things.  To hold bags over your front and back wheel you must first attach Pannier Racks to your bicycle.

The Kibo and I are having lots of adventures around the world.

One time we even cycled to the King Penguins!

It’s great to be outdoors and it’s great to cycle!

Can you tell me about any adventures you’ve had on your bicycle?

World Bike Girl

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